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Who's who at OSCAHS?

Each of our Clubs is run by a dedicated team of Playworkers. They are the wonderful people your children will meet on a regular basis. However, behind the scenes are the Directors and Administrator. Find out who’s who below.

Luke Mathewson

Managing Director

Luke oversees the running of OSCAHS. Luke’s aim is to create fantastic play experiences for the children attending OSCAHS, as well as giving families peace of mind that their children are happy and safe. Luke believes every child is entitled to play opportunities in a safe and caring environment. Luke joined OSCAHS in August 2006 as a Playworker and, in April 2010, he was invited by Elaine Beach (founder and co-owner of OSCAHS) to join the Board of Directors. In September 2022, Luke became managing director after Elaine decided to retire. Before joining OSCAHS, Luke was a youth worker. Luke works closely with Jenny, our Operations Director, to look at staff recruitment strategies. Luke also works closely with Jonathan, our Administrator, to manage the customer accounts. Luke is supported by Jenny and Jonathan on a day-to-day basis. (More about Jenny and Jonathan can be found below.) Please email Luke at

Jenny Clayton

Operations Director

Jenny’s role includes (and certainly not limited to) leading our recruitment, staff onboarding, induction training programmes, as well as developing training plans to support our Playworkers’ CPD.

Jenny is very knowledgeable in her field, with plenty of experience in the Playwork and Early Years sectors. Before joining OSCAHS in 2007 (for what was meant to be “only a summer job”), Jenny worked in Early Years settings such as nurseries and Sure Start centres. Jenny shares the same aims as Luke for wanting to create fantastic play experiences for all children.

Jenny takes a ‘hands on’ approach to her work. She is actively involved in supporting our Playworkers by regularly visiting our Clubs. Jenny works Monday to Thursday.

Please email Jenny at

Jonathan Lofthouse


Jonathan manages our booking system, as well as assisting our families with their booking queries in between Breakfast Club and After School hours. (Jonathan is available from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Wednesday and Friday, to answer your booking queries.) Please contact Jonathan if you have any queries regarding your account with us, or if you have any questions for regarding your  bookings.

Jonathan joined OSCAHS in June 2022. Before joining OSCAHS, Jonathan worked in nurseries and primary schools, as well as in senior management roles within the retail sector. Jonathan provides support for both directors on a day-to-day basis.

Please email Jonathan at