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Do you want an out-of-schools provision in your school, but not necessarily the headache of running one? We are here to help you.

We provide high quality out-of-school childcare and play environment within a warm and welcoming environment.
We have been working within primary schools across Surrey since 2005 and the individuality of each child in our care is at the very core of what we do!

Why should you choose us?

Here are just some of the many reasons we think that you should choose us!

Our approach


At OSCAHS, we recognise the importance of play to a child’s development and follow the Playwork Principles.
As Playworkers, we support and facilitate play, and do not seek to control or direct it. We will never force children to participate in play, but allow children to initiate and direct the experience for themselves.


We believe that actively promoting the participation of children in the decision-making process creates a sense of partnership and benefits everyone at the Club: children, staff and parents. We therefore involve the children whenever decisions are made that affect them. Involving and consulting children helps them to develop new skills such as negotiation, sharing, and understanding the perspectives of others. It helps them to understand how decisions are made, and shows them that their opinions are important.

Individual Needs

OSCAHS recognises that some children have additional needs or physical disabilities that require particular support and assistance. We will assess the individual needs of each child in consultation with their parents prior to their attending our provisions, and will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that children can access our services and are made to feel welcome.

Proudly promoting the Power of Play

We understand the importance of play in a child’s life. Play is learning without the child knowing they are learning, but it is far more than that. Play is a great tool in promoting the health and wellbeing of the child. 

A professional and ethical framework – known as the Playwork Principles –underpins playwork. They establish the professional and ethical framework for playwork. The Principles describe what is unique about play and playwork, and provide the playwork perspective for working with children and young people, based on the recognition that children and young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities.

Our Playworkers

At OSCAHS, we pride ourselves in committing to the ongoing Continuing Personal Development (CPD) for our staff. Their CPD will ensure children’s needs are fully supported during their time at OSCAHS.

Our staff hold enhanced disclosures (DBS checks) and must provide at least two suitable references before they can work with the children in our care and receive full in-house induction training, where any training needs are identified and a training plan is put in place for their continued development.

Additionally, Playworkers receive support from the Operations Director to ensure the provision is meeting the needs of the children, families and host school.

Our Plans for a Qualified Workforce

Not only do our staff have solid knowledge of Playwork, they will hold an NVQ Level 2 or 3 in Playwork to support and extend children’s learning and development beyond the school day.

OSCAHS has an Operations Director who identifies staff training needs and ensure all staff are supported with their CPD.

Our services

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All our Breakfast Clubs are open from 7:30

After School

Our After School Clubs are open until 6pm


Our Holiday Clubs are open from 8am – 6pm

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